Drop in Bathtub Acrylic Simple Bath MG-K6030

Product Size(mm):1524×762×508
Net weight(kg): 20
Gross weight(kg): 22
Package Size(mm): 1550×800×550
Package CBM:0.68
Capacity (L): 180

drop in bathtub
①3-side with single-tiling flange
②left/right drain optional
③without drainer
Additional features of this product: bubble massage, surf massage, smart panel control, and magical lights.
Our products have a comfortable space, are environmentally friendly products, have 3C certification, are made of high-quality boards, and have a soft touch when used.
Product features: easy to clean, non-yellowing, durable as new; imported high-gloss material, easy to clean, antibacterial, yellowing resistance, stains can be removed with one swipe of water; soft touch, fits skin, high-quality cylinder body, gentle heat preservation Stimulate the skin; comfortable space, ergonomic design, comfortable to sit and lie, etc...

acrylic bathtub drop in

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