Advantages and disadvantages of walk in shower tray

2021-06-07 14:10:10

What are the advantages of walk in shower tray?
Different from the standard shower, the walk-in shower does not need a shower curtain to block the water, thus forming a spacious and open visual sense. In terms of design, you don't need to divide the room into different parts to suit the shower. You can use the same kind of tiles in the whole place. If your room looks harmonious, then your bathroom space will be larger visually.
Ceramic tiles tend to be easier to clean than typical China in shower rooms. It doesn't absorb dirt in the same way, and we don't have to deal with moldy shower curtains that need to be replaced often.
Walk in shower can be suitable for any bathroom size, and it is very easy to adjust in structure. You can design the shower according to the actual size of your space, without having to put the shower in a room that may be small or strangely shaped.
Walk in shower reduces the difficulty of use. Although precast units have shallow curbs to prevent excess water from flowing to the bathroom floor, many custom walk-in designs have no curbs, just a flat sloping floor. If someone in your home is inconvenient, then walk-in shower is the perfect solution, because they do not need to walk through the elevated curbs.
What are the disadvantages of walk-in shower?
In contrast, children prefer to take a bath in the bathtub. For parents with children at home, taking a shower may increase the difficulty of bathing their children every day.
Generally, there is no shower curtain in the walk-in shower. Some people feel that there is no sense of privacy, but it varies from person to person.
When the traditional bathtub is not in use, we will open the shower curtain for ventilation to prevent moisture accumulation, so it is easier to produce ventilation and reduce the possibility of bacteria breeding.