Advantages of Acrylic Bathtub | skirt bathtub

2021-08-10 10:39:01

Advantages: The official name of the acrylic bathtub is glass fiber reinforced plastic bathtub. The surface layer material is methyl propyl methyl ester, and the reverse side is covered with glass fiber and coated with special resin for reinforcement. The acrylic bathtub has uniform color, smooth surface, no delamination and bubbles. The heat transfer of the acrylic bathtub is very slow, so the heat preservation effect is good. Even in the cold winter, the skin will not feel "cold" when touching the surface of the acrylic bathtub. When the human body collides with the acrylic bathtub, it will generally not hurt the body. It is a necessary material for the manufacture of luxurious bathtubs. Acrylic is a by-product extracted from deep-sea oil. Compared with cast iron and steel bathtubs, the cost of raw materials for bathtubs is much lower, and the performance is very good, so it has a price advantage and stronger market competitiveness. Acrylic has the characteristics of flexibility, it is very suitable for modeling, the curvature of the angle can be achieved through technology. Disadvantages: Acrylic bathtubs have many advantages and disadvantages. Acrylic bathtubs have relatively poor pressure resistance, so the surface is easy to be stained by some small hard objects, and it is easy to yellow and age after a long time of use. In terms of service life, acrylic bathtubs are far inferior to cast iron or steel bathtubs. The heat dissipation capacity is relatively poor. This material is most afraid of being scratched by sharp objects, but this kind of scratch is also easy to repair, just wipe it with ordinary white toothpaste.
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