Factory direct sale jacuzzi & Physiotherapy steps in jacuzzi

2021-10-27 08:53:17

Physiotherapy method
1. Fitness treatment:
First drink a glass of room temperature water to help clean the systemic circulatory system. The water temperature should be 34℃; start the hydromassage system and run for 8-10 minutes. The massage water flow can relieve the nerve tension on the skin surface; use 20℃ water according to the following method Shower: From the left foot to the hip, from the right foot to the hip, from the left hand to the shoulder, from the right hand to the shoulder (all from bottom to top), put the shower on the abdomen, put the shower on the back Down.
2. Relieve stress:
Built-in jacuzzi without skirt
Built-in jacuzzi without skirt
Fill the bathtub with water at 36℃, and add some water-soluble bath oil with relaxing effect to enhance the effect of hydromassage; start the air massage system and run for 3 minutes to let the air bubbles from the bottom relax the muscle tissues, which is the skin Increase flexibility. If your jacuzzi only has a hydromassage system, use the air adjustment switch to adjust the air volume to the maximum (water and air are sprayed out after mixing through the nozzle); start the air massage system and the hydromassage system, and run for 10 minutes. If you The jacuzzi only has a hydromassage system, and the air volume is adjusted to a medium level with an air adjustment switch. In these 10 minutes, the massage water flow relieves the nerve tension on the skin surface, provides an effective way to soothe the muscle tissue, and accelerates the blood circulation in the body; finally, repeat step 2 for 3-5 minutes to increase the relaxation effect ; When all these processes are over, it is recommended to drink a glass of water at the same temperature as room temperature, rest in bed and stretch your body as much as possible. You can take two to three such baths a week.    factory direct sale jacuzzi/landing/factory-direct-sale-jacuzzi.html