Have you done the construction details and waterproofing of the Shower Receptortray?

2021-04-08 18:14:28

The bathroom usually contains several independent large areas such as Shower Receptortray, toilet room, bathtub area, vanity area, but some aspects are often overlooked in the construction and design process, especially the design details of the shower room.
This article makes a detailed analysis of the design and construction of the shower room, mainly to solve the construction details.
1. The reserved size of the bathroom and matters needing attention
■ Shower area
Under normal circumstances, the height of the faucet from the ground is about 900~1100mm (height is waist); at the same time, the position of the shower should be aligned with the flat wall as much as possible.
It is better to reserve more than 80cm for the left and right size of the shower room, and more than 100cm for the front and back.
The installation height of the shower head is 90-100cm, and the highest height of the top spray is best controlled at 230cm, because most families only have about 240cm when the ceiling is suspended.
The hot and cold water are 15cm apart from the left and right, 90-100cm above the ground, hot left and cold right.
The thickness of the wall tiles should be calculated for the reserved hot and cold water pipes, and the pipe head shall be 15-20mm higher than the rough wall. If it is level with the wall and the pipe head is too deep after the brick is pasted, the shower will not be installed. But it is too high, the decorative cover cannot cover the tube head and the adjustment screw, and the appearance is reduced.
The inner wire elbow is fixed, if the size is not fixed, it may shift, and the shower will not be installed later.
Hot left and cold right are basic common sense, so don't get it wrong.
■ Washing area
Single basin 60-120cm, double basin 120-170cm, basically the size of most single and double basins on the market. If the single basin is more than 100cm, the basin can be designed by the side, then a larger table can be obtained.
The height of the basin is basically 80-85cm, and the height of the upper part of the mirror cabinet is 185-200cm. At the same time, a socket of about 40cm can be reserved on the countertop, which can just be left in the mirror cabinet.
The hot and cold water pipes are arranged at a height of 40cm, and the drain can be designed on a wall row of 40cm height to improve the appearance.
If the hot and cold water pipes are short, you can raise the hot and cold water pipes appropriately. At the same time, the sewer pipes need to be replaced with European standards, such as Hansgrohe, Grohe, etc.
The hot and cold water pipes are left hot and cold, and the distance between them is more than 10cm. The design of the drain is to minimize turning to prevent clogging.
Pay attention to reserve sockets (electric toothbrush, hair dryer, etc.) in the mirror cabinet, and reserve makeup lights above or on the left and right of the mirror cabinet. If there is a need for a small kitchen treasure, a socket can also be reserved under the water basin.