How to choose a jacuzzi?

2021-07-23 16:26:31

How to choose a jacuzzi?
Four look at the purchase of jacuzzi
One, look at the quality (material, health)
Look at the gloss:
The better the gloss, the better the material.
Touch surface smoothness:
is suitable for steel and cast iron bathtubs, because these two bathtubs need to be enamel-plated, and if the plating process is not good, subtle ripples will appear.
Experience the firmness of the inside of the bathtub:
The firmness of the bathtub is related to the quality and thickness of the material, and it is invisible by visual inspection. You can test the firmness by pressing it with your hands or stepping on it. In the presence of gravity, such as standing in, do you feel sinking?
Check the supporting parts inside the bathtub:
The supporting parts of the brand bathtub are carefully connected, and the exterior is painted with no traces of welding. The other-brand bathtubs are rough in appearance. Not only are there welding traces at the internal joints, but some even the joints between the external water fittings and the cylinder body are not satisfactory enough.
look at the material:
There are two main materials. One is acrylic panel, which has good thermal insulation effect, but it is most afraid of scratches. Moreover, the load-bearing capacity of the panel changes with the thickness. The thicker the stronger, so choose the thicker; the second is the cast iron bathtub. Made of cast iron, the surface is covered with enamel, so the weight is very heavy, and it is not easy to produce noise during use. It is not afraid of scratches, impacts, and does not fade.
Second, look at the sprinklers (powerful, fitness)
The wall and bottom of the massage bathtub are distributed with many nozzles. The strong water force of the nozzles can impact the acupoints of the human body to achieve the effect of massage and relaxation, which has the function of fitness. The basic massage bathtub includes at least 4 massage nozzles, the higher the level, the more the number of nozzles. Consumers should understand the effect of nozzles and the effect of nozzle combinations when purchasing. At the same time, carefully check whether the nozzles and pipelines are tight to ensure safety.
Three, look at the motor (quiet, silent)
Motor is the heart of the jacuzzi. But the motor is installed in a hidden place, so how to judge the quality of the motor? The easiest way is to listen to the sound. When purchasing, you can connect the power supply, let the massage bathtub work, and then listen carefully to the sound of the motor. If it is a good motor, no sound can be heard at all. Conversely, a bad motor can hear the noise.
Four, look at the service (guarantee, promise)
should choose a company with perfect after-sales service, strong strength and good reputation. Their warranty and after-sales service are better. Generally, the warranty period for massage bathtubs is 1 year, but for powerful brands, the system warranty period can be up to 4 years, and the cylinder body warranty period can be up to 30 years. It will reduce some unnecessary worries for you and let you enjoy bathing life easily.