How to choose the high shower tray for the shower room?

2022-04-27 18:04:56

As one of the representatives of healthy and fashionable life in recent years, the shower room has played a more important role in people's lives. Splashing outside will wet the whole bathroom floor. It also has the effect of keeping warm in winter, and it has rich shapes and bright colors. In addition to the function of bathing, it is also a very good decoration in itself. But the shower room is not suitable for every family, and even if it is suitable, not every family can afford to buy and install it. But from the point of view of health and hygiene, it is best for us to separate the bathing place from the outside, which not only reduces the number of times we clean the bathroom, but also the most important thing is to live a healthier life. So do we have options other than shower enclosures and screens? Yes, that is a single-installed bathroom base basin. Although it is more beautiful to install together with the shower room, but a single installation plus a beautiful shower curtain is also a good choice for ordinary families. The choice of the chassis of the shower room: the shower room is divided into two types: high basin and low basin, with a cylinder type that can sit people, suitable for families with the elderly or children, and one cylinder can be used for multiple purposes, such as laundry, water storage, etc. The disadvantage is that Trouble with hygiene. In contrast, the low basin is simple and the price is lower than the high shower tray. In addition, everyone should choose a chassis with removable side panels to facilitate cleaning and prevent odors.