How to choose the right bathtub material

2021-07-07 13:44:17

Because the manufacturing material basically determines the performance of the bathtub, the top ten bathroom brand tips: when buying a bathtub, it is very important to determine the material you want. It is distinguished from the material of manufacture, which is generally divided into acrylic cylinder, steel cylinder and cast iron bathtub And so on, bathtubs of different materials have their own different characteristics.

1. The enamel surface of the steel enamel bathtub is smooth and easy to transport and handle, but it is not resistant to impact and has poor thermal insulation.

2. The cast iron bathtub is durable and has high gloss, good acid and alkali resistance, but it is heavy and difficult to carry and install.

3. Acrylic bathtub has variable shapes, light weight and good heat preservation effect, but the surface is prone to scratches due to its low hardness. The current market share is relatively large.

4. The surface of the pearl bath tub is smooth, with pearl-like luster, sturdiness and durability, good heat preservation, and its weight is easy to install.