massage bathtubs | How it works | Features

2022-07-29 17:15:19

The massage bathtubs mainly use the motor to make the water flow mixed with the air spray out from the nozzle on the inner wall of the bathtub, resulting in the circulation of the water flow, thus producing a massage effect on the human body. Take Kohler's jacuzzi with a single-speed pump and pneumatic switch, for example: as long as the tub is filled with water, it operates on its own. There is a suction port at the bottom of the bathtub, from which water is drawn to the pump, and then returned to the bathtub through the sprinklers installed on both sides of the bathtub. At this time, the air is sucked in from the air inlet and mixed with the water flow at the nozzle, and the air flow can be adjusted by rotating the edge of each nozzle.
Advantages of massage bathtubs
1. Relieve stress
The jacuzzi has the effect of relieving people's stress, allowing people to relax their tired body and mind. Therefore, there are small holes in the bottom and four walls of the massage bathtub, which can be used to spray water. The high-pressure water flow on the four walls can stimulate the acupuncture points of the human body, making people feel comfortable and relaxed. At the same time, the nozzle at the bottom can massage the back. The combination can effectively relieve stress.
2. Timed intelligent water intake
The Jacuzzi has the function of regular and intelligent water intake, so that we don't need to wait on the side of the water when it is waterproof, and it will automatically close when it reaches a certain water level.
3. Fitness therapy
The Jacuzzi also has a certain fitness treatment effect. It can make the water in the bathtub circulate automatically, so that a whirlpool appears in the water, so that the high-pressure water flow circulates around the human body, so as to achieve a certain effect of spa fitness.
4. Automatic cleaning and disinfection
Cleaning the bathtub is a bit of a hassle, but the jacuzzi has an automatic cleaning and disinfection function, which makes cleaning easier and easier.