Natural Stone Shower Trays | Choose The Perfect Shower Tray to Match your Shower Enclosure

2022-06-29 18:11:18

Classic and timeless ceramic shower trays

One of the most popular and affordable options there is. Ceramic shower trays do not stain easily, are durable, and offer long-lasting functionality and beauty, making them very attractive. Another important factor is its affordable price, but this also comes with some hidden catches.

The fact is that this type of material is extremely heavy, the tray installation can be complicated and the weight of the appliance has to be considered when choosing the shower placing. Also, ceramic shower trays are cold to the touch, as they do not hold warmth very well. Putting that in simpler words - your feet might be touching the cold surface of the tray (which is not always fun!). To summarize, although ceramic shower trays have their minor flaws, they are still one of the most affordable and worth considering options.

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