square shower tray | Is the shower room square or round?

2022-03-29 15:06:00

If the bathroom is bound with a shower room, it will bring us more safety and convenience, because the most detailed dry and wet separation has been achieved, and more and more families have bound the shower room, but the shape and frame design of the shower room are concerned. , How to choose from various styles?
1. Is it better to be square or round?
In fact, there are many shapes of shower rooms, such as one-line shape, diamond shape, arc shape, square shape, etc. Most of us choose the most suitable shape according to the space of our shower room and our own needs, maximize the space utilization and convenience, That's our intention.
2. Practical, according to the shape
One-line shower room: One-line shower room generally occupies a wall or is divided into a corner. A simple water retaining plate is good. In terms of price, it is the most cost-effective one.
Square shower room: It is easy to maintain and has a large area. Compared with others, it does not take so much effort to clean it. Of course, there is enough space. Of course, it is square and beautiful.
Diamond-shaped bathroom: If your bathroom space is limited, then you can completely consider the diamond-shaped design, make full use of every corner, and effectively save space.
Curved bathroom: With the improvement of our living standards, the standards for the design of bathroom accessories are constantly increasing. Some standard designs and privately-made shower rooms are the objects they follow, and the customization of apartment types is still used more. Woolen cloth. The lines are soft, the model is unique, it is relatively high-end, and the price is naturally more expensive.
3. The most important waterproof design of shower room
The bathroom is originally a space for washing. Of course, the water on the ground is unavoidable, especially for the families of the elderly and children at home, it is even more necessary to timely waterproof treatment to avoid unnecessary falls and slips. For safety reasons , The separation of wet and dry in the shower room is the best design and the best safety measure.