Use the skirt bathtub to relax yourself in the bath

2021-11-05 10:04:34

1. Lay a bathroom mat on the floor. Before starting the bath, it is best to lay a non-slip mat on the floor to absorb the water overflowing from skirt bathtub and prevent the water from splashing all over the bathroom.

2. Rinse yourself with a shower before taking a bath, so that you can wash your skin, so that no dirt on your skin will float on the water surface when you take a bath.

3. Adjust the water temperature to the temperature you like. Once you start to release the water, you can start to adjust the temperature until the temperature is comfortable to you, and wait until the water is almost three-quarters of skirt bathtub filled.
You can keep touching the bath water with your fingers or toes while putting the water in to determine whether the water temperature is appropriate. Once the water temperature is too hot, be careful not to get burned.

4. Pour foaming agent or other bathing agent in the water. While the water is still in place, pour a small amount of liquid foam under the faucet. Be sure to pour it directly under the faucet, so that the flowing water will wash away the foaming agent and mix with the entire skirt bathtub

If you take a bath for relaxation rather than cleaning, it is recommended that you take a shower before taking a bath to avoid bringing dirt into the bath water.
Bring a refreshing cold drink. Soaking in hot water for a long time can easily make the population dry. At this time, a cold drink will be very refreshing and thirst quenching.
Put on a mask while taking a bath. Put on a mask and put it in the water. Wait until you finish soaking and then wash off the mask.