What is a jacuzzi?

2021-07-23 16:22:32

What is a jacuzzi?
The massage bathtub includes a cylinder body, a cylinder edge is arranged on the cylinder body, a shower and a switch are arranged on the cylinder edge, the cylinder body is circular, and a surfing nozzle is arranged in the cylinder body. The utility model has the characteristics of convenient bathing and washing and good massage effect, and is a sanitary ware suitable for use in homes, hotels and other places.
Jacuzzi is usually considered as a kind of sanitary equipment. People want to purchase it. Most of them go to the decoration sanitary equipment store. No one sees it in the electrical appliance store. In fact, the jacuzzi is different from the ordinary bathtub, it is a kind of household appliances, a kind of luxury electrical equipment. The massage bathtub is mainly composed of two parts, the cylinder body and the massage system. The massage bathtub is mainly moved by the motor, so that the nozzle on the inner wall of the bathtub sprays the water mixed with the air, which causes the circulation of the water, which has a massage effect on the human body. Take Kohler's single-speed water pump and pneumatic switch massage bathtub as an example: as long as the bathtub is filled with water, it can run on its own. There is a suction port at the bottom of the bathtub, and the water is sucked from here to the pump, and then flows back to the bathtub through the nozzles installed on both sides of the bathtub. At this time, air is sucked in from the air inlet and mixed with the water flow at the nozzles. By rotating the edge of each nozzle, the air flow can be adjusted.
The body part is nothing more than a bathtub of various shapes, and the material is mostly steel or acrylic; while the massage system consists of a visible nozzle in the tank and a pipe, a motor, and a control box hidden behind the bathtub. This massage system is the key to buying a jacuzzi, and it is also the part that most people know little about jacuzzi.
There are three steps to buying a jacuzzi: understand the nozzle, listen to the motor, and check the details.