What to pay attention to when choosing a bathtub

2021-07-07 11:19:06

With the progress of society, the pace of life and work has accelerated, competition has become increasingly fierce, and people's pressure has gradually increased. Faced with various pressures, more and more people choose to take a bath to reduce stress. Imagine: After a busy day, it is so pleasant to put a jar of warm water at home, listen to beautiful light music, and lie in the water comfortably with your eyes closed. Of course, if you want to soak comfortably, a high-quality and satisfactory bathtub is essential.

Regarding size and shape, pay attention to the following four points:

1. The size of the bathtub should be determined according to the size of the bathroom. If it is determined to install the bathtub in the corner, generally speaking, the triangular bathtub takes up more space than the rectangular bathtub.

2. Bathtubs of the same size have different depths, widths, lengths and contours. If you like the depth of the water, the position of the waste outlet should be higher.

3. For a bathtub with a skirt on one side, pay attention to the direction of the skirt according to the position of the drain and the wall when buying it. If you buy it wrong, you cannot install it.

4. If a shower nozzle is added above the bathtub, the bathtub should be slightly wider, and the bathtub part under the shower position should be flat and should be treated with anti-skid treatment.