When renovating, how do you choose a bathtub and shower room?

2022-04-27 18:27:13

When renovating the bathroom, we will face such a choice, bathtub or shower room? Who doesn't want to relax and entertain while taking a bath, be comfortable and be the Queen in their own life? But the shower room saves space and is more practical! How should I choose?
01 Comfort If you only consider comfort, the bathtub is better than the shower room, which is really quite comfortable.
02 Bathroom area Generally speaking, the area occupied by the bathtub is larger than that of the shower room. If your bathroom is small, it is better to install a shower room, which can not only save space but also effectively separate dry and wet.
03 Use of bathroom Some people do not necessarily have only one bathroom at home, one is for public use and the other is for private use. If it is a public bathroom, it is recommended to install a shower room, which is more hygienic; if it is a private bathroom for the bedroom, a bathtub can be installed, and it is also a good choice to take a bath and relax in it.
04 To clean and maintain the shower room, you only need to clean the floor, and if you choose a bathtub, you need to clean the bathtub and the floor. If you're not a diligent person, don't install a bathtub.