Whirlpool spa massage bathtub|The difference between a spa massage pool and an ordinary jacuzzi

2022-01-27 18:40:33

Whirlpool spa massage bathtub

There are also obvious differences between spa massage bathtubs and ordinary massage bathtubs in terms of use, spa effects, cleaning and maintenance.

First of all, in terms of use, ordinary massage bathtubs can only be used in the bathroom. If they are placed in other places, it will cause unsightly and inapplicable situations. The spa massage bathtub is used for physical therapy, relaxation and leisure, and is used to enjoy life. It is suitable for leisure places such as toilets, sun rooms, basements, swimming pools, villa courtyards, etc., and the scope of application is wider than ordinary bathtubs.

Secondly, in terms of effect, although the ordinary jacuzzi also has some massage functions, it just simply discharges water through the nozzle, the strength is very weak, and the orientation is not complete, so it cannot massage the whole body. The spa bathtub has been transformed and upgraded on this point. The spa massage bathtub has 5-10 times the strength of the water sprayed by the ordinary massage bathtub, and has a comprehensive massage area. The flowing hot water sprayed can relax the muscles, and its effect It is unmatched by ordinary massage bathtubs, and the spa massage bathtub can also adjust the massage intensity according to the actual needs of users.