Massage Bathtub Acrylic Whirlpool Massage M1476-L (L/R optional)

Product Size(mm): 1430×760×610
●100% Pure sanitary grade PMMA acrylic 
●High gloss & scratch & stain & fade resistant acrylic
●With alkali-free fiberglass & resin reinforcement
●With wood reinforcement
●Drainer & overflow included
●Stainless steel bathtub support included
●Stainless steel pre-leveled & height adjustable feet included

Function configuration

①ON/OFF air switch control way
②water whirlpool massage(1HP water pump,6 pcs big water jet)
③running without water protection for water pump
④air whirlpool adjusting swtich
⑤underwater coloful LED light,1 pc pillow(dark grey color)
⑥hot&cold water mixer&diverter mixer&hand shower&water intake faucet
⑦backwater drainer with overflow
⑧3-side apron
⑨decoration marble panel
Double shower tray has water whirlpool massage, water pump has no water protection operation function, and underwater LED light. The products are very advanced

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