Some knowledge about acrylic bathtub

Bathtubs are a type of sanitary ware products often used in modern home bathroom decoration. The materials used are also quite rich. Generally, ceramic and acrylic materials are mostly used. Acrylic b

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What is a jacuzzi?

What is a jacuzzi? The massage bathtub includes a cylinder body, a cylinder edge is arranged on the cylinder body, a shower and a switch are arranged on the cylinder edge, the cylinder body is circul

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How to choose a jacuzzi?

How to choose a jacuzzi? Four look at the purchase of jacuzzi One, look at the quality (material, health) Look at the gloss: The better the gloss, the better the material. Touch surface smoothnes

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What is a shower room | wet room shower tray

What is a shower room? Shower room: Separate shower cubicle. Modern homes have higher and higher requirements for bathroom facilities. Many families hope to have a separate bathing space. However, du

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